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A very unexpected shift

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A lot of sly guys notice the change.  It gives a new level of confidence.


--- Quote from: Ishinomaki on March 30, 2016, 10:06:51 AM ---Over the past five years I have watched my luxurious mane slowly thin and disappear much to my dismay. I could feel my confidence slipping with every hair I brushed off of my pillow in the morning. For about the last two years I have kept my hair clipped to a #2 and while it looks alright, there is painfully obvious thinning and the crown of my head was pretty barren, made apparent in pictures of me on a recent vacation. After fighting with myself I finally decided enough is enough and shaved my head. My immediate opinion was that it looked horrible, and I sunk even lower. After a few days a friend of mine said it was shocking at first but now that she's used to seeing it, it doesn't look bad at all and I found myself agreeing.

On the dating side of things, I use a few common dating apps/sites being single and in a new area and would you believe it, I actually get more attention and compliments as a bald guy than I ever did with hair! I'm officially sold on the look. I've been called handsome, good looking, and even hot in the past week as a baldy! I have also noticed a strange shift on how others behave around me, it's almost as though they are more respectful, and make eye contact with me much more frequently. I don't want to say I'm more intimidating but I catch people (especially women) looking at and acknowledging me much more than ever.

This site was one of the biggest influences for me finally taking the dive and I couldn't be happier. I don't know what to say to you guys other than a whole hearted thank you.

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f'ing great story. over the years I've found compliments, too. I've dated some really pretty gals who seemed to like my slick head. The only thing I don't like is when they say, 'I've never dated a bald guy before.' For some reason that bothers me. Go figure.

I'm still not completely bald always have some doubt when shave it all off. This weekend I razor shaved the sides and back and clipped the top down short.

Welcome PDX, man, you're so close, I think you would look awesome completely shaved. The little bit you have left on top should go. A shaved head would be a nice clean look. Give the 30 day trial a try!


Thanks for the 30 day advice. I have shaved it all off 3 or 4 times but immediately start growing it back out without giving it a chance. Went to the local pub last night with a baseball cap on two buddies said looks like you lost some hair. I lifted my hat and said yeah bad haircut. Just thinking should I take it all off before the holidays so everyone sees me bald or wait until January. I really want to give it a try but lack the confidence.  My question to you is when you started shaving your head what did you say when people threw out comments. In the past when my neighbor would say something like someone looks like they joined the Marines, I'd shoot back I got clippers in the house and can shave you if you like. He just chuckled. Thanks again for the encouragement.



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