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A very unexpected shift

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Over the past five years I have watched my luxurious mane slowly thin and disappear much to my dismay. I could feel my confidence slipping with every hair I brushed off of my pillow in the morning. For about the last two years I have kept my hair clipped to a #2 and while it looks alright, there is painfully obvious thinning and the crown of my head was pretty barren, made apparent in pictures of me on a recent vacation. After fighting with myself I finally decided enough is enough and shaved my head. My immediate opinion was that it looked horrible, and I sunk even lower. After a few days a friend of mine said it was shocking at first but now that she's used to seeing it, it doesn't look bad at all and I found myself agreeing.

On the dating side of things, I use a few common dating apps/sites being single and in a new area and would you believe it, I actually get more attention and compliments as a bald guy than I ever did with hair! I'm officially sold on the look. I've been called handsome, good looking, and even hot in the past week as a baldy! I have also noticed a strange shift on how others behave around me, it's almost as though they are more respectful, and make eye contact with me much more frequently. I don't want to say I'm more intimidating but I catch people (especially women) looking at and acknowledging me much more than ever.

This site was one of the biggest influences for me finally taking the dive and I couldn't be happier. I don't know what to say to you guys other than a whole hearted thank you.

Sir Harry:
Congratulations and welcome to the group!

Cave Dweller:
Congratulations on taking control. I am glad you are happy with the result.

Welcome to the board!

Great story and great to hear that you are enjoying the look.

In fairness you rock the sly look. Im pretty happy with mine as well. I was out Saturday night and seen a fellow sly with a gorgeous tall blonde hanging off him. I will say the guy was dressed well and was obviously proud of his appearance ( no beer belly chest out proudly ) . Just goes to show you can shave your head but you still have to own it. Im back in the gym again lol.   


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