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A very unexpected shift

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Excellent story. You have a whole life in front of you to enjoy with a shiny slick head.  Photo looks good.  Enjoy the SLY look.

Great Post - Welcome

AJ Q-Ball:
I experienced some of those same things that you spoke of when I first shaved my head like getting more attention from the ladies. Rock that awesome bald head and welcome to the group!

Very glad to hear you've found yourself happy with the new look.  And, as the others have said, it very much suits you.

You say:   "I have also noticed a strange shift on how others behave around me, it's almost as though they are more respectful, and make eye contact with me much more frequently". 

Well, perhaps that is because instead of their eyes going toward the scraps of hair you were carefully preserving - now their gaze goes directly to your most prominent feature - your eyes. 

You have a nice looking head but GREAT eyes!


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