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A very unexpected shift

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Congratulations, it looks great. You definitely have the right head shape for the bald look.  O0

Thanks Magoo! Shaved it myself this morning got it much smoother than the barber.

Sir Harry:
Looks great, Dave, and yes, more often than not, you get a smoother result doing it yourself


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--- Quote from: PDXGuy on December 21, 2018, 03:38:22 PM ---Hey Guys,

Took the plunge and took it all off. I really like the look and feel.

Sly Guy in Training,


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Looks so damn natural on ya. congrats on joining the club.

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I think this look takes 10 years off ya. And it looks like you've been shaving for a long time.

Thanks Buddy enjoying being in the bald club.


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