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A very unexpected shift

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Congratulations!  It looks great and I bet you can't keep you hand off of that smooth finish.  When it starts to feel like sandpaper, it will drive you to shave again!

Thanks Sly Beard. You are right I dig putting my hand up on my bald head and giving it rub.  I am amazed as after just few hours I can begin to feel stubble.  Out of the gate I love how it looks and feels and committed to 30 days.

Isn't that a bald guy rule? If it feels like sandpaper, you must shave it.

Dave, you will probably be able to get it smoother than the barber. Then you won't feel any stubble for 8 hours or more. I hate the sandpaper feel in the morning, so I shave every day.

Looks great Dave


--- Quote from: PDXGuy on December 21, 2018, 03:38:22 PM ---Hey Guys,

Took the plunge and took it all off. I really like the look and feel.

Sly Guy in Training,


--- End quote ---
Looks so damn natural on ya. congrats on joining the club.


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