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Re: Full List of Blades to use with HeadBlade?

Snagged a Moto from Walgreen's on my way out of the U.S.. They didn't have any extra blades in stock, though. Now I'm wondering what other blades I...

Re: Red marks on top of head

It could be just irritation if it seems to be better by morning. Do they ever disappear when not shaving ?

Re: Red marks on top of head

Quote from: SirHarry214 on March 19, 2017, 01:59:36 PMHow often do you guys shave? It's possible that one, both or all three of you are applying to...

Re: What do YOU drive?

I have jeep grand cherokee 2006. I like it very much I like to maintain purity so i bought a special electric pressure washer(Ryobi Electric Press...

Re: Search for a new computer

If you are still in search of computer that you may need to use, I can recommend you to have a laptop that suits for your needs. I owned a lot of l...


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