Since Sly Bald Guys was founded in 2006, we have literally helped millions of people either cope with hair loss, build their confidence or determine the best head shaving technique. Not once have we asked for money, yet we have been blessed over and over by the people we have helped and who have chosen to donate to Sly Bald Guys. If you have benefited from Sly Bald Guys and feel compelled to help us pay for the costs of running the site, we would gladly appreciate anything you can offer. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

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Sly Bald Guys has made it easy to donate with your payment of choice. Through Paypal, we accept Paypal (obviously!) and Credit Cards. Though, if you aren't fond of using credit cards online, you can easily donate with a gift card from Subway, Burger King, Shell Gas, CVS, Sports Authority and Dollar General. You can head down to any of those stores and pay cash for one of their gift cards and then use the number on the back to donate all or a portion of that value to Sly Bald Guys. Check out to learn more!

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