About Us

Sly Bald Guys was started to create a community to give bald men, balding men, those that are bald by choice an entertaining and informative place to congregate on the web. The mission of Sly Bald Guys is to become the leading site for men to find information regarding being bald, build confidence about being bald, express how proud they are to be bald, and build the best and largest bald community in the world.

The Founder

Sly Bald Guys was founded by Tyler. Tyler began going bald around the age of 24 years old and responded by doing various different things to cover it up. He first started by cutting his hair a bit shorter. This followed by dying his hair "blonde" but since he has a bit of red in his hair, it was more of an orange color. It wasn't until he was going to spend a couple of weeks camping in the mountains of Montana at the age of 26 that he decided to shave his head. This decision really didn't have anything to do with being bald, but more of a way to prevent his head from getting crusty from wearing a beanie the whole time.

While camping he also grew a beard, which he shaved into a moustache and goatee when he got back to civilization. He loved the new look and When his wife (girlfriend at the time) finally saw him, she loved the new look also! Since then he has shaved his head and kept the goatee. There were times that he tried shaving off the goatee, but his wife protested until he grew it back.

To learn more about Tyler and all of the other Sly Bald Guys that make this community so great go visit the forum!

We look forward to getting to know you!


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