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Lies, Myths, and Half-Truths about going bald

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--- Quote from: angad on October 06, 2008, 11:38:04 AM ---#8 Stupid Bald Lie: Frequent ejaculation causes baldness
Don't believe this bald myth
Get real. :*)) millions blame this for gettin bald

This is a total misconception. Masterbation might lead to guilt, but not to baldness. Depending upon frequency, it could change plasma testosterone, but frequent ejaculation does not cause baldness.

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I can use this to pick up chicks  >:D
I also thought it would cause blindness.... found out its the pepper spray that does that  >:D
J/K  :)

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To show how hypocritical the people are who make this $h!t up are they say that excessive masturbation causes hair loss but how do they explain all the hair that grows on the palm?

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lolz..buddha thats coz most of us do it more frequently during puberty and thats the time when the hair on the body is developing all over and on the back of the hand too and well we blame it on masterbation..thinking thats the reason..nuff said
 if u kno wat i mean..

                                                   BE BALD BE PROUD

My question is does nutrition play a huge role? Like for me I eat well yet I'm still getting some receeding and shedding around my temples?  There are endless programs out there saying that nutrition is hugely important in keeping your hair, while some of them seem to be pretty ridiculous the one I have read good reviews on is total hair regrowth but haven't yet invested in it, has anyone else or do anyone else know if it would work?

Heres a link to it - http://hairgrowthshampoohq.com/total-hair-regrowth/

Good list ... and all misconceptions

Thanks for the bright spot in my day, abdominator! I got a chuckle out of reading that list.

F*ck, if  #8 were true, I would have been completely bald by 17!


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