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Lack of reactions these days

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--- Quote from: reddog on August 08, 2022, 05:49:13 AM ---The last comment I got was a couple months ago at the local home improvement store. I was talking to an employee in the plumbing department with a great looking shaved head, and a guy walked by, looked at us and asked if we were related. I said, no, we go to the same barber.

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I have made similar comments to young guys with shaved sides and back, with hair on top (an undercut).  I say we must have the same barber because we have the same haircut, shaved on the sides and back.  My top just needs to get longer. :)

Barbero Pelón:
Not really,once in a while I receive comments or weird stare,is still uncommon see young men sporting shaved heads where I live.

Razor X:
It’s become a more common look. On top of that, the longer you wear a shaved head, rhe more used to it people around you become so they stop commenting on it.

Just imagine what it was like for Yul Brenner and Telly Savalas  back in the 60's. They attracted some beautiful women though. They truly paved the way for acceptance of shaved heads. I'll bet they would be surprised how common their favorite hair style has become.


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