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Lack of reactions these days

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Have you guys noticed that there is seldom any reactions to a shaved head anymore? When I first shaved over 9 years ago, I would get a comment once in awhile, or you could see someone giving you an extended look. I guess bald heads are so common now, nobody cares. I actually liked having an uncommon /edgy style. I don't think a shaved head will go out of style anytime soon, with guys of all ages sporting baldie haircuts.

True, I cannot even remember the last comment I got about my shaved head.  I comment more to guys that still have hair in a style I like, often telling them that I am working on getting to their hairstyle.

OTOH, I still get a few beard comments, but not nearly as frequent as 5 to 10 years ago before larger beards came into fashion and became more common.

I think I liked it better when both were less common, now people just assume I am following the crowd.  I like to consider myself starting both before they were "cool" and popular.

I don't get reactions these days.  My friend and neighbor always has something to say but if he doesn't have something to complain about, he'll invent something to complain about.  For the most part, his opinion doesn't count for much because he'd complain even if I let it grow.  Anyway, no reactions here!

Laser Man:
No reactions at all around where I live.  Shaved heads are pretty common these days on men of all ages.  My observation is that a lot of young guys have decided to get the jump on MPB and shave as soon as their hairlines start to recede.  Also, the shaved head/full beard look seems to be in vogue with younger guys here.

The last comment I got was a couple months ago at the local home improvement store. I was talking to an employee in the plumbing department with a great looking shaved head, and a guy walked by, looked at us and asked if we were related. I said, no, we go to the same barber.


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