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Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV)

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Anyone of you dealing with this? It's scary as f**k. You wake up in the morning, and the world is spinning. I have had two events, one was very severe, but short lived. The next event, about 3 weeks later, is less severe but has lasted all day.

Sorry you are dealing with this, I have no information to offer.

Laser Man:
I had vertigo about 15 years ago and it really was scary.  It came on during the night while I was sleeping.  I woke up suddenly and the room was spinning.  I felt nauseated and my heart was racing.  My wife took me to the ER where I received medication to quell the symptoms.  The diagnosis was vertigo caused by particles floating in my middle ear.  At the time, there was no treatment to get rid of the particles, so I took a low dose of the medication when the symptoms cropped up.

The good news: the occurrences quickly became less frequent and the intensity of the symptoms diminished rapidly.  The bad news: it took two years before they stopped altogether. During that time, I had to be careful not to move my head side to side or up and down too quickly otherwise I would get dizzy even if I was sitting or lying down. Fortunately it hasn't returned.

Good luck.  I hope your doctor can give you medication for the symptoms.

@Laser Man What did they prescribe for you?

Laser Man:
If I remember correctly, it was meclizine.  I went to the ER on a Friday and they gave me the medicine.  I ended up sleeping most of the weekend and when I went to see my doctor on Monday morning, he was surprised at the high dosage they gave me and said it was no wonder I slept all weekend because it is an antihistamine and induces drowsiness.  He cut it back to the lowest level available and that worked, i.e., it quelled the symptoms and I was not sleeping all the time. 


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