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Now I can see your photo @Razorhead .  I had to use my phone to see it.  It is looking very good. You have very good goatee growth so it will also look good longer as well.  Have you ever tried a full beard?

BTW, beard hair on average grows about 1/2 inch per month, so another two months will give you an additional inch.  Do you plan to grow the mustache as well, or keep it trimmed?

@slybeard: thanks for the feedback and sharing your thoughts. I’m definitely letting the chin hair grow longer. For the mustache, I’m going to see how it grows in over the next month and take it from there. I definitely want the mustache to be fuller. I found the picture below on Pinterest and it’s my inspiration. I realize that everyone’s beard hair grows in differently and mine is no exception. And the guy in the pic has more of an upper lip than I do so my end result will be different. But i like the mustache in the pic and the Walrus element to it so i will give it shot and see where i end up.

I’ve done full beards. I pretty much kept it clipped short about 1.5 guard. I don’t recall what exactly inspired me to do a goatee again. It’s just something i just decided to do and with Covid....it’s a good time to experiment.

@Dragon: thanks for the feedback. Both you and @slybbeard have great looking bears. Nice and full!

You can defiantly do that style with your good and straight mustache growth.  You will have to get comfortable with having hair over your lip and sometimes in your mouth.  Many guys can't get past that, but in my experience, if you stick with it you will adjust.


--- Quote from: Razorhead on March 03, 2021, 09:12:33 AM ---@Dragon: thanks for the feedback. Both you and @slybbeard have great looking bears. Nice and full!

--- End quote ---
It looks as if you have straight hair, that will make your lime a lot easier. All growth will be in the right direction for the beard.  The trash may take a little taming. My beard isn’t that thick.  Good luck


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