Author Topic: if you want to appear warm here is a tip  (Read 6092 times)

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Re: if you want to appear warm here is a tip
« Reply #15 on: November 26, 2008, 08:27:42 PM »
Not the East Coast my friend! We're all Liberals here looking towards the NDP nowadays. I think a major problem was that a) their campaigning was too short and b) there was a lot of confusion about the different parties and platforms. Anyway I think we shouldn't discuss politics, it can get heated.

No worries.  I didn't vote for the conservatives.  :) 
I'm waiting for the Liberals to appear with a strong leader.  Then I will vote Red. 
Last election I didn't vote. 

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Re: if you want to appear warm here is a tip
« Reply #16 on: November 26, 2008, 10:42:59 PM »
Hey guys, here is a tip if you think you appear cold, or if you want to appear warm.  You can take it or disagree with it, whatever you like. I'm just going to mention it, perhaps some of you have heard of other good ideas that you can share with us.
Well, here in Canada we had a federal election about 40 days ago.  The prime minister Stephen Harper appears
cold.  A significant number of people view him as scary and cold.  So, his advisors told him to wear colorful sweaters during the election campaign.  It appears that red or blue sweaters tend to make people appear warm.

Anyway, if there is anything like that that you want to share then please do so.

I have given a couple of my college buddies advice on wearing ties. Blue denotes trust and authority, red is a political color, yellow draws attention to yourself [good and bad] and it goes on. It probably works the same way.

Btw, being a Canadian myself whatever his advisors told him isn't working, he still only managed to win a minority government ;)

What are ties?  I sort of remember those, but when I left Boston, I burnt all of mine.  People don't wear them here in the Pacific Northwest unless you're a Mormon.  (No offense intended toward anyone).
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