Author Topic: wondering if it'll look good...  (Read 5233 times)

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wondering if it'll look good...
« on: December 07, 2006, 08:20:25 PM »
Hey everyone.  I'm 18 and have always had a beautiful head of long, blond hair.  Unfortunately, a lot of my hair seems to be ending up in the drain, comb, pillow... basically everywhere but my head.  It recently started to worsen.  I'm in college and at first this was very devastating, but now I'm beginning to consider shaving my head. 

I'm a poor college student so I don't have a digital camera (I'll see if I can borrow a buddy's) so I'll try to describe my face.  I have a nice oval shaped head with well defined cheekbones and a good jaw line.  I've been told I'm handsome all my life, which is has heightened my fear of balding.  However, I kind of have caveman eyebrows--the bone behind my eyebrows extends in fron of the rest of my forehead (not in a freakish way, but noticeable).  When I hold up my hair and look in the mirror in an attempt to see what I would look like bald, I like what I see from the front, but when I turn my head the eyebrow issue becomes noticeable.  Again, sorry for the lack of a pic, but do you think I could pull of the bald look?  I've had long hair for six or seven years and I'm actually a bit excited about just letting go and getting a new look.

Also, has anyone tried the product Nair on their head? 

Thanks a lot.  This site has good information and has helped to ease my debilitating anxiety about balding (damn my maternal grandfather and his genetics!).

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Re: wondering if it'll look good...
« Reply #1 on: December 07, 2006, 08:52:32 PM »
welcome grimesy. glad you enjoy the forum. my advice would be to cut it SHORT and see how you like it. then shave it. even if you don't like it, it will grow back. my hairline was receding more than i was comfy with when i took the leap almost a year ago.  most of us would agree that if you want to try it then just go for it. again worst case is you let it grow back. hope this helps. i look forward to future post from you.     paul

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Re: wondering if it'll look good...
« Reply #2 on: December 07, 2006, 11:24:43 PM »
Welcome grimesy!

I echo what Paul said.  Just go ahead and shave it.  If you've been told your hansom all your life it's because of your facial features, not your hair.  Being  bald will help accentuate the GOOD features of your face.
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Re: wondering if it'll look good...
« Reply #3 on: December 08, 2006, 09:25:30 AM »
A warm welcome from me too!

And welcome to the forum.

Funny how you cursed those "damn genes" of your maternal grandfather, for it's a sentiment I'm most
familiar with. My grandfather was bald too, and though the balding set in around the age of 23 in my case, I was equally worried about making that move. But it turned out well and I've never looked back.

I'm confident you'll make the same experience once you start shaving. Apart from being a most liberating experience (you're letting go, and you won't have to worry about and wasting your attention on your hair)
it'll also give you a new feel about yourself, and it can be (and usually is) the beginning of a new lifestyle - the bald lifestyle.

Yes, I agree with the other guys, just give it a try. Though Paul's advice (to just cut it short) is a sensible one, I'd recommend you go the whole nine yards and shave it all the way. A very short haircut and a completely shaven head are worlds apart - and me, personally, I don't like a very short haircut on myself. Whenever I'm lazy and I don't shave for a week, I look at my head and it gives me the shivers. It's a totally different feel (and look) from being completely bald, and it won't provide you with a reliable "preview" on how it's going to be like being bald.
But then again, that's just me. Go with what you feel comfortable with, at your own pace. That's my final advice.

Again, welcome to the forum. It's great having you on board.
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