Author Topic: Laser Hair Removal on Scalp/Head: My Tips, Advice, Mistakes to AVOID!!!  (Read 474 times)

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Hopefully you can learn from my mistakes. I DO recommend the treatment. I just wish I would have known the things that I know now before I started my journey. I made some costly mistakes. That's why I made the video. To help you AVOID them...

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Good video.  But I do have a few questions. 

Based on my limited knowledge, lasers work best on dark hair with light skin.  I assume you had dark hair, but your skin tone is dark.  Did that cause you any issues?

Are there lasers now that work on gray or white hairs?

Do you have any photos to share show how it looked between sessions as the hair was growing back?

You did your face as well.  Many guys with a shaved head like the look of a beard with it.  Just curious as to why you had you face done.


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it would be helpful to see how thick and full your hair was before you started lasering do you have any photos that you can show us?


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