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Re: social security
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I am going down to the social security office myself - "in persona".  I NEVER allow my personal financial matters to be discussed /sent over the internet in any way.  They are NEVER secure.  - read your ISP user agreement!!!

IO have also learned that the USPS is no longer reliable and that literacy is no longer a requirement for its employees.  I have been getting the personal social\security statements, medical insurance EOB's and real estate tax bills of many of my neighbors in Illinois delivered to my home in Florida.  I have thrice written to the Postal Inspector general by certified mail and have yet to receive any response.  I have twice written certified letters to my local postmistress and the other day she and the zone inspector arrived uninvited at my front door - she said that they didn't know how to contact me because they didn't have a telephone number for me!!!!!  I told them - you are the Postal Service - Ever hear of writing a letter???????"??


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