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Re: Lurking Members
« Reply #15 on: September 20, 2012, 03:39:10 AM »
I had been shaving my head for about 7 years before I came across the SBG website.  It has been a fascinating experience to see the incredible range of topics raised by members and I have been particularly interested in the stories of men trying to reach the point where they decide to shave their heads.

In the past year or so I have seen some regular posters disappear while lots of new ones join the board.  All have something to contribute.
I read the posts regularly but onyl post when I feel I have something to contribute rather than just say welcome.

I have contacted a few personally when a topic has particular relevance to me or something I would like to discuss at a more personal level.  I have found these contacts stimulating and being located in Australia I wish that I was closer and could meet personally with those  who live in the US.  Their replies have always been considered, helpful and courteous.

The SBG site is a great friendly community and long may it continue to thrive.


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Re: Lurking Members
« Reply #16 on: September 20, 2012, 05:10:48 AM »
I have been a member for several years, but don't post much.  I am 80 so some of my current experiences are different than the most here.  I had a desire of having very short hair since I was a kid which was in WWII time.  Mother who strongly objected.  On going to college  in 1949 the first thing I did was get my hair cut very short.  Always kept hair short thereafter.  Nickname in college was cue ball.  Loved that actually - meant I was confident in being somewhat different.  When I was 30 realized hair was receding.  Rather than bothering me I was happy about it. In 1980 I shaved my head and kept it shaved for  several years.  It was not that common in those days.  About 5 years ago I started shaving it again and have kept it that way.  The look of course now is much more common.


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