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Title: Boosting my man's confidence
Post by: Rose on March 14, 2010, 12:11:01 PM
My fiance just noticed a balding patch, got really very upset, and got me to shave it all off.  To me, his reaction is totally disproportionate - it's like a relative has died or something.  I'm trying to be supportive but finding it frustrating.

I think he looks utterly hot and couldn't care less about whether he has hair or not, but losing it is making him feel massively emasculated and unattractive and I want to make him feel better.  He's always gone for the Billy Zane in Titanic look and is having trouble getting into the Billy Zane now look.

How can I help him feel manly and attractive again?  Plus are there any tips to make him less look 'organised crime'?  I find it very sexy but he's worried about his business contacts etc.
Title: Re: Boosting my man's confidence
Post by: TheSlyBear on March 14, 2010, 12:19:05 PM
Send him here. He'll see that he's not alone, and that by taking matters into his own hands, with your help, that he's taken an important and positive step.

Your support will be key.
Title: Re: Boosting my man's confidence
Post by: D.A.L.U.I. on March 14, 2010, 12:28:51 PM
I think your fiance has done what needs to be done.  Now, he'll see a good reaction from all his associates in business & private life.  No worry about hair, he'll notice people remember his name--you're sort of disposable with a case of mpb, but everyone, the clerk at the shirt laundry, the cashier at his favorite lunch spot, they'll all now remember his name.  That's fun, and it happens. 
You don't need to worry about him, except keeping the other girls' hands off that dome--they find it unresistable.  So, rub it softly gently--it is one of the most sensual parts of a man's body as we have all found out.   O0  Treat that dome right & you'll find a part of the man you never even knew existed. 
Title: Re: Boosting my man's confidence
Post by: Iconic on March 14, 2010, 12:47:48 PM
Seems to me that confidence isn't an issue here. I'm with bootedbear and saintc. Your fiance has already taken the plunge, that's the hardest part. But it's a big change and he just needs some time to get used to this new life.
Title: Re: Boosting my man's confidence
Post by: RyanJP on March 14, 2010, 02:36:06 PM
You're a winner in my book and for you to be with him and help him threw his turmoil sounds to me  things where made a little easier, just imagine how bad it could have been if you weren't there with him, there's alot of people here that are willing to help out and provide any encouragement as well as to listen, My advice here at times can be a little brutal honest and abrasive to some and I tell it like it is so I feel that he needs to accept it and deal with it head on and that there's no turning back the clock....

I would advise yourself as well as him to first check this out.
Title: Re: Boosting my man's confidence
Post by: Mikekoz13 on March 14, 2010, 05:22:16 PM
Welcome Rose! Please send him here to read some of the helpful information and to meet the guys.

He'll get all the encouragement he needs and some great helpful hints. Might even make a few new Friends.
Title: Re: Boosting my man's confidence
Post by: Rose on March 14, 2010, 05:44:10 PM
Hey, thanks for the good advice!

Yes, I think it may be just a case of just getting used to it.  I don't think the business contacts worry will be a problem - having his hair so short was a shock at first, but makes him look really well groomed.

@Saintc - You're right - now that I can stroke his head without him worrying about me brushing his hair away, we've got a whole extra e zone to explore.

I'll send him your way and mention the 30 day rule concept.  If I'd known his new look was going to be so hot, I'd have shaved his hair off earlier!  :@`
Title: Re: Boosting my man's confidence
Post by: GASlick on March 14, 2010, 05:54:00 PM
My wife LOVES my slick noggin!  I agree with the other guys.  Get him over here, let him meet us and we'll get him through it.
It is an adjustment, but not the end of the world.