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Re: Want to get a septum ring, but unsure...
« Reply #45 on: September 20, 2018, 06:31:11 PM »
Hi, i did read this topic of four years ago with very much interest. Especially the first sentence did strike me:  "I want to get a septum ring, and eventually stretch it to a nice thick bullring like I've seen on some members here". It's the same with me. The idea to wear a nice thick bullring through my nose in the future makes me hot, since I for the first time saw a guy with one two years ago in reality. And indeed it should be not a circular barbell ring, but a captive bead ring, a complete ring with a ball-closure in the centre, so the piece that's called often by the public in a pejorative sense as a bull-ring, but which I in the contrary regard as a positive appellation, because of the association of this eyecatching piece of facial ornament with daring masculinity.

I after long hesitiations did got my septum pierced half a year ago, and had it stretched until 8 gauge now too; my final goal will be 2 gauge. Because i think, if you as a man decide to wear a bull-ring, it indeed should be a thick one. Before I got my nose pierced, I therefore had it carefully examined, if it was apt for that; to my relief the piercer stated that my sweet spot was very wide and my nostrils were too, and that my nose as a whole was far enough protruding to let also a nosering of the more heavy kind swing freely. It seemed even more or less predestined to receive eventually an indeed really big and sturdy bull-ring that will fill up the whole space between my nose and upperlips, like those three tough guys are presenting so self-evident as the dominating aspect of their appearance. I hope I will after several next stretches be able to replace my still tiny present horseshoeshaped ring, that nearly disappears into my nose, by such a proud thick, real bull-ring like theirs and thus to do so in the future  too.

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