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Alexander Sitnikov - a man who shaved his head and inspired me indirectly


There are many discussions about celebs or family members who inspired you to shave your head. For me, it was Alexander Sitnikov form Порез на собаке, which is experimental music band. Why him of all people?

-He is not supposed to look good bald - he is short, with narrow shoulders and a bit chubby
-His clothing style is not supposed to look good on bald people - he wears really casual clothing, usually too big T-shirts which do not fit his body type
-He has weird mannerism when on scene - he sings with a weird voice, he waves his hand uncannily and his mimic is odd

And yet when I listen to his music and see him, with a shaved head, doing what he loves doing, showing that you can shave your head and not look like the common hot bald person stereotype (tall, wide, muscular, tanned and with a beard) and you can still rock! He was especially an inspiration because I suffer from Asperger's Syndrome, so I was always a bit odd and weird in eyes of others and my greatest fear was that with a shaved head I will be seen as weirdo creep. Fortunately for me, my shaved head made me more attractive and looking mature, so I gotta thank him


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