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Which podcasts are you listening to?

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I'm always looking for awesome podcasts to check out. Right now 2 of my favorites are our fellow baldy, Joe Rogan ( and Valuetainment from Patrick Bet-David  ( Which podcasts do you watch/listen to?

Here's a great clip from the Joe Rogan podcast about cholesterol and cardiovascular disease.

My only regular is one called The Horror! produced by Itís old radio horror stories from the 1940ís through the 1980ís. Theyíve also got other series with comedy shows, mysteries and detective shows.

I don't even know what a podcast is.  I'm feeling old. :(


--- Quote from: clint902 on November 03, 2020, 08:50:57 AM ---I don't even know what a podcast is.  I'm feeling old. :(

--- End quote ---

It's basically audio programming and sometimes video to accompany. It could be interviews, or as Hingatao mentioned, other audio programming having to do with specific topics.


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