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4-year Anniversary

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I missed it by a couple of days, but August 22nd marked 4 years as a baldy for me. I still remember that day. I had been going progressively shorter, and was down to no guard. I went to give myself a trim, and just couldn't stank being so close and not going all the way. So I grabbed the razor and shaving gel, and before long, I was as bald as a newborn baby! I've loved it ever since. It looks cool, feels great, and is easy to maintain. Even shaving it feels good. No more combing or having to get haircuts. And no more thinning hair! I'm happy to look in the mirror and see a shiny bald head, and to glimpse the light glinting off the top. I just got over a bug that has been going around here in western NY, so I hadn't shaved for over a week. So yesterday, after a shower and much-needed bear trim, I was feeling like a dirty hippy with that much growth on my head. So I said to myself, "This hair has to go!!!". I grabbed the clippers and buzzed it down, then shaved myself nice and smooth again. Feels more like me!

Razor X:

Congratulations on the 4 years!

Congratulations on 4 years of wearing the best hairstyle ever! Seven years for me, and I still enjoy the look and feel of a smooth bald head. I wonder if very many guys go back to hair after shaving for a few years. Like you, a few days growth and I can't wait to shave it BBS again!



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