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How much hair have you lost?

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Sir Harry:
In the six months that I have been on this great forum, I've enjoyed the various bald/balding stories and meeting lots of cool people...that said, we know what we look like sly, but I was just wondering, how much hair (if any) did you lose prior to doing the deed? Thanks, as always, for sharing! BTW, in my case, my forehead got bigger starting at 28, and shortly after going sly permanently at 35, the crown started thinning...now that I'm almost 40, the horseshoe is starting to show as you can see from the picture below taken in early April after my last surgery.

Mr Jules:
Went sly 4 months ago (Feb 2012).

Looking at that Norwood Scale,  since then, think I have gone from a 3 to a 4.


Let's just say that when I was in my 20's, some of dad's co-workers upon first meeting me, thought I was his younger mpb brother.  Before GPS, seagulls used my head as a point of reference.  ;D

Full blown NW 6/7 horseshoe for me

Receding hairline... Hair loss at the crown. Looked like I had a permanent part going on at the top! ;D


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