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Lies, Myths, and Half-Truths about going bald

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...WATs GOOD guys... 8)...i listed some common lies myths half truths stupid myths on gettin bald... TAKE A LOok-:

#1 Stupid Bald Lie: If you wear a hat, you'll go bald
This bald-faced lie is as lame as a snake oil salesman
Guys wear a hat to hide their baldness, but there is absolutely no truth that wearing a hat will make you go bald.

Yeah, we know some people will blame wearing hats as a cause of their baldness. Their arguement is that the scalp "didn't breathe." Nice try. Look at the facts: a hair follicle will get oxygen from the blood stream, and not from the air.

Sure, a hat fitted too tight can cause hair breakage. And if you don't wash your hat once in a while, it can lead to a dirty scalp. So do yourself a favor and just wash your hat once in a while, and you're gonna be fine.

But it leads us to our next bald myth:

#2 Stupid Bald Lie: If you have a dirty scalp or dirty hair, you'll go bald
I'm no rocket scientist but...
You want acne? Then don't wash your hair, and you'll break out. A dirty scalp means clogged pores, and clogged pores may give you acne.

However it has nothing to do with hair loss.

Seriously, just think about it. If your dirty scalp lost hair, all you'd have to do is wash it everyday, and you'd maintain a full head of hair. And that ain't the case.

So is the opposite true? Read on...

#3 Stupid Bald Lie: Excessive or frequent shampooing causes baldness
Monkee see...monkee do
I always loved this one. Let's follow this scenario: A guy notices hair in the sink or shower drain. Thinking that shampooing is the cause, he begins to shampoo less often.

Now the hair builds up on the scalp, which would normally come out in the sink.

The next time he shampoos, more hair comes out. The lightbulb goes off. Now Einstien is convinced that the shampoo is the cause of losing his hair.

With hereditary baldness, normal hair is replaced by thinner, finer hairs. The hair is not falling out. Shampoos don't cause baldness. Almost everyone uses shampoo, and has for 40 years. If normal, everyday shampooing caused hair loss, we'd all be chrome domed.

Similarly, there are no hair products or gels that promote male baldness.

#4 Stupid Bald Lie: If you're bald, you got the bald genes from mom.
This is a bald half-truth
Thanks a lot, mom. And dad.

Hair loss is genetic. However, the genetic link comes from both sides.

You can't get hair loss from your mother's father alone. Sorry...it's the total gene pool.

#5 Stupid Bald Lie: Stress causes hair loss
Get out the bald shovel
Umm...No. Everyone is stressed. And not everyone is bald. Stress is part of life. And it doesn't cause baldness.

Except is RARE circumstances, certain types of stress can cause sudden hair loss. However, balancing your checkbook, office politics, or leading a hectic lifestyle doesn't count.

#6 Stupid Bald Lie: Using a blow dryer will cause baldness
"Ahoy...thar she blows"
If you use a blowdryer per manufacturer recommendations, you have nothing to worry about.

Sure, you can get hair damage from exposing of your hair and scalp to very high temps. But still, the use normal blow dryers don't cause hair loss.

"...while he reads and smokes in comfort."
Hair cloning
The question: Can you clone hair?
No, you can not clone hair. The earliest that you can expect to see the actual execution of the hair cloning theory is as far away as 2010. And that too if all goes as theorized.

#7 Stupid Bald Lie: You get hair loss from towel drying your hair too hard
No excuse for this bald ignorance...
Another misconception. Your hair sheds because it has a normal hair growth cycle or because it is damaged. But it will grow back.

Irreversible hair loss isn't caused by drying your hair too hard with a towel. The hair that is damaged by towel drying will grow back. If it doesn't, it would have been lost anyway.

#8 Stupid Bald Lie: Frequent ejaculation causes baldness
Don't believe this bald myth
Get real. :*)) millions blame this for gettin bald

This is a total misconception. Masterbation might lead to guilt, but not to baldness. Depending upon frequency, it could change plasma testosterone, but frequent ejaculation does not cause baldness.

#9 Stupid Bald Lie: Want thicker hair....cut it often
Another bald falsehood...
This is actually an illusion. It is not true that shaving or cutting your hair makes it grow back stronger or thicker.

Yeah, a haircut will remove split ends and add some volume. And maybe you needed the haircut. But shaving or haircuts don't increase the number of healthy hairs on the scalp.

#10 Stupid Bald Lie: A viral infection will cause balding
According to Pinnochio ...
There are no known viral infections that can cause direct balding.

There are medications that can kill hair roots, and would cause hair loss. Talk to your doctor if this happens to you.

Hair loss is not caused by higher levels of testosterone, but rather, by a greater sensitivity of hair follicles to DHT (dihydrotestosterone). DHT causes your hair follicles to shrink and then eventually disappear.

More to add here. Hair loss is progressive. Testosterone levels decline with age. There's the disconnect.
Hair VooDoo - does it work?

Can you make hair grow faster? Some people try washing their hair with eggs, or cutting their hair during a new moon. Sorry. None of it works.

#11 Stupid Bald Lie: Standing on your head reverses hair loss
There's a sucker in every crowd...
I saved the stupidest bald lie for last.

In the 1980s, the "blood flow" theory prevailed...meaning that people thought increasing blood flow to the hair follicles would decrease hair loss.

You'll even see advertising of this in fake hair loss treatments.

All a lie. There is absolutely no evidence that standing on one's head can stop baldness.

i HOPe this helped guys..especially to people who blame these stupid stuff for getting bald

CONCLUSION- Be Bald and BE Proud O0


--- Quote from: angad on October 06, 2008, 11:38:04 AM ---
i HOPe this helped guys..especially to people who blame these stupid stuff for getting bald

CONCLUSION- Be Bald and BE Proud O0

--- End quote ---

Here, Here! I'll drink to that!  b!3r

Nice list ANGAD!!!

Thanks for sharing that info bro.... O0

One correction: scarlet fever can cause hair loss.

I have a friend who is completely hairless. And I mean completely -- no hair, no eyebrows, even no eye-lashes. He lost it all during a bout of scarlet fever and it never grew back.


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