Author Topic: If you could give any advice to someone who is balding or thinking of shaving...  (Read 219283 times)

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Ironically I had thought about it almost 20 years ago when I moved out on my own and was like "this is the reboot of life." I didn't do it then, I think I chickened out.

My brother started about 11 years ago and never looked back. Our mom doesn't care for it but he doesn't live nearby so when he comes back she's grown to "accept it."

Now I finally bit the bullet. My hair has been thinning all over the top and I had it buzzed fairly short but last Saturday I made the plunge (I had done it once before but let it grow back) and just sat down with shaving cream and razor. I figured enough was enough. I am going to a family function next week (not a lot of family left but I guess it will be a topic of conversation). I got great advice from you slys (and slyette's) and well, I made the plunge. I love it.  :)   :@`

The scalp needs some color now, but I've got a bit of shiine on top, probably from the melon being so thin for so long. It's nice when the rest of the scalp is as smooth as the parts that are missing!

Thanks for all that share their ideas and thoughts with the rest of us!

Welcome to the forum, g_bald! Nice to have you with us. If you get a chance, and if you want to, why don't you post a brief introduction in our Introductions section so we can all give you a proper welcome...Enjoy the forum and post often!
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After trying to hide the bald for years I now have freedom I would say shave off what's left and embrace the bald best thing I ever done.

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If you are thinking of shaving I would advise you hold on tight for the many good times to come. You are going to be

pleasantly surprised with the new you and finally you can be yourself.

I also advise you prepare for the relaxing times as shaving in the evening (my routine - not everyones) is the most relaxing

thing just prior to bed.

Oh and prepare to laugh at how you THOUGHT it was going to be. It's great.

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I just decided to totally shave my head!  It feels good to have no more hair!  My head drives instantly after showering.  So go for it!  Just do what I do and protect your shaved head by wearing a baseball cap when you go outside.

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Its a personal choice . You decide you look better that way and try and stick with it .

Sometimes it can be a faff.

I am biased as  most guys on here are .

I am not going to pretend that I am sly all the time a lot of guys dont have the choice .

I wish in many ways to be permanently sly


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I believe generally in this one thing:
If someone has the wish to shave and be bald - how can this person be happy without shaving bald? There will always be unhappiness and restlessness until he is fulfilling that wish.
Best way is: If that wish comes up - do not think, do not hesitate, do not waste time. Just go on that very day and buy the proper razor and shave  - o n  t h a t  v e r y  d a y !
Do never "bargain time" or find excuses like "that and that person may not like it", never be softy, it will only ruin your self-esteem and break your pride and weaken who you really are. The wish comes up for a good reason: You have come to realize that a man should be bald and that having hair is wrong. Nothing can send you back into old numb ignorance, once you have realized this. It is good to be bald. It is man's nature. This is why we are all so very attracted to a clean, manly shiny dome.
This is also the reason, why, once you have  e x p e r i e n c e d  your own smooth shiny dome, you feel so much happier and content. Just about everybody here is a proof for that. Bald life is just so much better! The faster you decide to follow that law of nature, the faster you become bald, the faster your better, bald life can manifest. Stop lingering with old bad habits, make them past now.  Let go of your hair and let go of your old problems. Do not wait and waste time, life is too precious for that. Shave your head bald - life is happening NOW!
I hope these words can be of help.
Good luck

Oh god, so much for me to question here!

If someone has the wish to shave and be bald - how can this person be happy without shaving bald?
That sometimes doesn't happen straight away. Shaving bald is a big step and people sometimes need time to get used to to and may find for a while they grow  their hair out for a bit, try again, grow again. Not everyone will have the "wooooohooo" life is perfect.  I do agree people should give it a go if it's something they're thinking about but it isn;t always that amazingingly happy finale

Nothing can send you back into old numb ignorance,

??? sorry this is very extreme? People havng hair or slowly having the strength, courage or mindset to shave their head does not mean they were ignorant before.

You have come to realize that a man should be bald and that having hair is wrong.

Every man? Or those just balding? although I personally, and firmly, believe those with MPB look better with clippered or razored hair, I certainly don't think hair is wrong and a man SHOULD be bald. Hair if not receeding can look great. I'd hate if everyone I knew had a shiny head - where would the individuality be
This is also the reason, why, once you have  e x p e r i e n c e d  your own smooth shiny dome, you feel so much happier and content.
You might want to read some of the posts from people that do it and still don't feel confident. Some peope grow to love it, with some it's instant and some do grow back even if to a number 2

Just about everybody here is a proof for that
Yes, but then again we also get a high percentage of members we never hear from again so we don't actually know everyone stays sly

Bald life is just so much better!
Than? Money? Chocolate? Sex?
I'm defined by many things in my life, not one thing fully defines me so I find this bald life thing slightly weird. Yes shaving your head and embracing and taking control of your MPB can be something that's very powerful and I'm not living a bald life, I'd be slightly worried if anyone is! To anyone that doesn't have MPB, sorry it's just a haircut and you can change it at
time therefore either way 'bald life' to me is a strange term!

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My friend, in the words of Nike: Just Do It. You only have one life and there are going to be times you are just going to have to go for it.

If you like it, great. If not you can always grow it back...
“You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think." Christopher Robin to Pooh.

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if (like I did) you can arrange or have some time off then you can ease into it all slowly over a period of weeks. It's amazing

how your technique improves and becomes part of you. Part of the whole decision I think is "I've never done that…and I don't

have time to practice and get comfortable".

You really will like it. I shave in the evenings and find it a great wind down.

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..and I certainly don't want to know anyone who doesn't want to know me anymore because I shaved my head.

In your eyes I am faulty now so you better spend your time with your perfect friends in case something else goes wrong with

this one and we all explode.

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My advice would be just to buzz down from 4 to 3 etc etc what i did as my hairloss got worse the shorter i went.
It is only a problem if YOU make it a problem.

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Shaving is a 'coming out the the closet' thing for balding guys.  The guys freaking out about their baldness is scary.  I remember thinking that way once, for a very short time when I started noticing a receding hairline, but I realized you're fighting a battle you will never win in the end, and spending a lot of money, time and stress worrying over it.  The social acceptance of being bald is much more freeing than the game of cat and mouse people play fighting the aging process....

Now I want to be clear:  first off I mean ABSOLUTELY NO disrespect to homosexuals or anyone else with the "coming out of the closet" analogy.  I meant it just as that -- as an analogy to the mental freedom you get from not worrying over hiding or being self conscious of something about yourself.  Accepting what you are -- whether you simply keep your balding pattern or shave it all for a uniform look -- is extremely important to your own emotional well-being.  I have seen other guys I know dye their hair, and a rare few even still doing the 'combover' thing.  I see that as sad because while I want to tell them out of courtesy they look good...and I do...what I REALLY want to do is tell them to be themselves.

And dont worry about shaving....take it slow and cut it shorter and shorter first as most of us gets you and everyone else used to a similar look, and when/if you DO decide to shave it all... dont worry for a second about what 'people will think".  Shaving is just a shorter haircut.

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My advice would be to join the site.   Wish I had found it 15-20 years ago

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Do what u want.Don't listen to others.It's u'r life.Enjoy it.
I am Bringle from Hague,Netherlands.I am always cooperative in nature.I am very much concerned about my fashion & style.So, i wanna know & share everything related to that.


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