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I recently wrote an article on Helium.com titled "Why Men Should Not Fear Balding."  You can read the article here: http://www.helium.com/tm/100895

I'd be interested in your thoughts and comments on the article.

Very good Tyler!

The one point (that you make several times) that really stands out is how with the proliferation of mass media, a naturally occuring fact of life became something to be shunned.  Now, bald men are embracing their baldness and trying to shed the stereotype that bald is a bad thing!

Great job Tyler... you get the gold star for today!

Well done, mate!

Excellent article Tyler.  I think we all feared balding at one time, especially when we were younger.  Does anyone say "Yes!  I am losing my hair and going bald!!"?  Few, if any, I suspect.  We come to accept it, beat nature to the punch, then laugh in her face! 

Razor X:


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