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Embrace it! | Section 4
« on: September 16, 2023, 09:40:36 PM »
The key to gaining long-term confidence as a balding man is to embrace it! I can already hear you saying, “But, but…” because you’re not alone in thinking you can’t embrace it, but you can. It’s all about YOUR MINDSET and YOUR CHOICE to embrace it. Decide now, this second, that you’re going to accept it and move forward with your life.

Here are the common questions that men ask they’re told to embrace their hair loss:

1.   How will I attract someone if I’m bald?

This was addressed above, but to say it again, other people don’t care that you’re going bald. They only care about your confidence in who you are.

2.   Can I be successful as a bald person?

Here’s a list of bald men that are some of the best in their industry:

Actor: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson
Podcaster: Joe Rogan – who has also admitted that getting a hair transplant was a horrible decision
Businessman: Jeff Bezos
Athlete: Michael Jordan
Entertainer: Pitbull
And the list goes on…

3.   Are you sure I can’t get my hair back? I’ve heard <insert product/service> works.

I’m sure. Again, if there was a long-term solution that gave you long-term confidence, then everyone would do it.
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