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My summer tan recently caught up to my head and yesterday it looked like i had to no hair shadow for a couple of hours after shaving, photo attached below, looked and felt great. I even had one of my buddies tell me it would be weird to see me with hair now. Great day!

Darker skin and lighter hair color really help with reduced shadow.  Now that my hair is almost completely white, I can remain nearly shadow free for 48 hours.  After that, it looks like white specs on my head - where I still have hair.

I suppose for dark skinned guys, the white hair may stand out more.

@cmac the head looks great. Agreed on that you can’t see a shadow. Just use sunscreen. I hate covering my bald head with a hat!

@slybeard my hair is silvery and I can’t see a shadow at all on the day I shave and the day after. However by day 2 of skipping, it’s all silver specs. Like a fungus.  It looks terrible.

I started laser hair removal in May.  All of my dark hair is gone except a couple of small spots.  I went a few days without shaving and my wife said the white hair looked like frost.

I wish I could go 3 or 4 days between shaves, but I just hate the stubble, and love to feel of a freshly shaved head. I would definitely consider laser hair removal if my hair wasn't white. With all the advances in technology, you would think they would find a way to permanently eliminate white hair!


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