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I am 16 days sly and it seems everyone around me has adjusted to me being bald. In fact, i had dinner with a couple of friends last weekend and the came to the restaurant after me and i had already got us a table. They asked the hostess if she had sat a bald guy recently and she responded “yeah you can see his head shining from here”.  My friends told me about it and we had a good laugh about it. The adjustment period seems to be coming to an end and i am now just a regular bald guy. It looks and feels great.

It's always fun the first time someone refers to you as the guy with the shaved head!

Your head looks amazing! You are doing a great job with the razor. Some guys have an awesome shaped head that looks outstanding shaved bald, and you have it.

Tell us about your shaving routine. What razor and products are you using?


For my shaving routine i run some hot water over my head to soften the hairs and then i apply some Gillette shaving cream. Afterwards i shave with and against the grain with a Harry’s razor. I finish off with some duke cannon aftershave. Then i apply some Vaseline for a little shine and to help avoid scalp irritation.

Thanks for the positive comments about my head shape. I have actually started to notice a little recession in my temples between shaves, so it seems mother nature agrees that my head should be bald.

@cmac thats a great story. You are an officially a baldy! The look really suits you nicely. And it’s a nice basic routine you have. Don’t worry about the recession. It may not actually be receding. I think some hair takes a little longer to grow back in. I started out my BBC journey with just about a full head of hair except a receding hairline. 17 years later I have a lot natural baldness. losing my hair as a BBC guy eliminated the emotions other guys, with longer hair, experience when they start to lose it. I went preemptive before it became an issue  :D

@Razorhead thank you for the compliment! Yeah it could be. I think i would be like you if i am actually losing it, i am already bald so its not like it would change much  :D. It would probably make shaving easier.


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