Author Topic: How I got over it...  (Read 46694 times)

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Re: Re: How I got over it...
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What actions have you taken as a result of these experiences?

Actually, I did't word that correctly.  It sounded like I was taking action against cancer...and although I was referring to taking action with my baldness, I didn't actually do anything at that moment either.  It was a few years later when my sister developed a condition with her scalp and was thinking she would shave (buzz) her head, that I put all of these past events into perspective and buzzed mine in support of her.  She was able to work through her condition and eventually grew her hair back, but I stayed at a super short buzz cut for a long time until joining this site and going fully shaven (because of all the great testimonials about how awesome it felt). 

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Re: How I got over it...
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Your story was so beautiful.  It shows what a compassionate person you are and gives an insight as to your perspective on what is truly important in life. YOU ARE A MAN!

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Re: How I got over it...
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This post was amazing...