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Finally, bald head weather!

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After a long frigid winter, we have had several record breaking temps in the high 80's. Advantage bald guys, time to show off that awesome shaved head!

I went to a couple car cruise-ins this week, and my group of car guy friends were there. Three of us have shaved heads, but most of the other guys are balding and never take off their caps. If they only knew how great it feels to sport a baldie haircut!

Yep. Warm weather is the best time to have a bald head.  I’m already starting to get a good tan!

I agree I like my bald head Bestie Florida for the winter when is plenty of fun and not too hot but when summer comes in the sun is directly I have to keep it covered with something a little bit of hair or hat otherwise I get bad age spots and sunburn on my scalp

Yes! To warm weather. I always thought of April as the time to shave off any winter hair to prevent any unwanted bad tan lines.

Great news for you northerners.  Here in South Louisiana, it is basically bald head weather year round.  We do have the occasional cold spells in the winter, but it usually only lasts a few days at a time and then we get a few days in the 60's and 70's mixed in.


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