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Razor X:
1. Who is this guy?
2.  What shaved head?


I love how some of the comments on that story even pointed out it’s not a shaved head. More like a long buzz cut with a #4.

To me shaved, happens either as a clipper shave with one of the zero blade attachments or no plastic guard attachment on your clippers. Or it’s with a razor.

It always get to me when the media makes a short haircut into a shaved head story.  It is not even short enough to be a true crew cut.  Like @Razorhead said, a shaved head is when there is no visible hair remaining other than some shadow or stubble), zero guard or razor blade.  I sometimes even have a hard time calling a zero guard a head shave, although some zero guards are very close now.

Razor X:
It’s bad enough when they call a #1 buzz or a zero-guard cut a shave. But what this guy has is not even all that short!

I don't know who that guy is and he certainly didn't shave his head.  Looks like a full head of hair to me!


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