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What’s under the hat?

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Sometimes I wonder what’s  under a guys hat. Full shaved head or a skin fade. I was going through old photos and thought I had a shaved head under my hat. But the next photo revealed  it was a nice skin fade with probably a #2 on top. I guess I went through a hair phase at that point.

I remember once waiting to get a haircut at the barbers. It was my first time at this shop and I had a baseball cap on. I guess the barber was figuring out what his last customers were wanting to get since it was end of day. Easy buzzcuts or complicated haircuts to finish his day. He looked at me while I was waiting and asked “high and tight? You work at the correctional facility.” He was right about me wanting a hnt but I didn’t work at the corrections facility. Interesting what kind of interpretations that bit of hair or lack of hair around the ears and neck can lead to.

I frequently see guys with hats or caps on with no visible hair and wonder what they have on top.  Since you were at a barber shop, the barber would assume you had some hair under there.

When the high and tight haircuts became popular, I wanted one.  But my hair on top was already starting to thin and I did not think I could pull it off.  I should have tried it anyway.

when it comes to haircuts or even facial hair styles, I say just try it. There haven’t been many haircuts that I had to get fixed. And when I do get it fixed, it’s generally shorter and that’s what I prefer anyway.

But a HnT on a balding head always looks good.

It is not really possible for me now; I have nothing left on top.  I have told a few guys with high and tight haircuts that we have the same haircut - shaved on the sides and back. But mine does not look like theirs.

I fall under the HnT category right now. Your right I came home wearing a ball cap after getting it cut, and my wife couldn't tell if I had the barber shave my head or get a HnT bald fade.


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