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Iím new to the forum & want to introduce myself.

While I have shaved on and off for the past 15-20 years,  I have usually grown my hair back to a short buzz/fade.  While balding, I could sort of carry off those styles.  Over the past few months, however, I have been getting a clipper shave about every 3 weeks from my barber and been pleased with the result.  After my tune up today, however, I have decided to pretty much stay bald and am trying to find the right bald persona.

Not really into thick beards/excessive scuff & like the Bruce Willis Action figure vibe.  Would appreciate any advice on how to enhance my image.

Thanks, KC

Razor X:
Looks good! Welcome aboard.

Welcome! Nice clean sharp look. No facial hair is needed, I'm noticing alot of guys going with the head/face shave.

Are you clipper shaved or are you going with a razor shave? Nothing like the feel of a freshly shaved head!

Thanks for the feedback.  My goal is to clippershave this Winter & break out the razor when it gets warm.  I do like the clean look & donít really want a beard.  I think my features can pull that off but am always interested in what others think.  Frankly Iím at the stage where I frankly look better without hair!

Well, you look great with a bald head! It's A very trendy style these days, and makes us older guys look younger.


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