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Robert Downey Jr.

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Razor X:

If he wasn't so big in Marvel, I'd say he was doing a Lex Luthor gig.

I think he looks good bald. I see no shadow at all, for a guy that had dark hair. Could be he was coloring the grey.

It says he shaved it for a movie role, so he'll have to keep it shaved for a couple months, maybe he will get hooked and keep it shaved!

He does look good bald.  But since these were professional photos done at a photo-op, there may be make-up covering the shadow if he has one.  At 57, I do expect his hair was at least dyed, and likely enhanced with a hair-piece.  Not many 57 year old men have dark hair that thick.

Razor X:
I think he looks good bald, though the lack of hair and facial hair does make him look a little older, since there is nothing to distract from the lines on his face.  That being said, the dyed and spiked hair made him look like he has trying too hard to look young.  I expect he’ll revert back to that look once the work for his current role is finished.


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