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How many barbers do we have on here?


Calling all barbers! Who here is a barber?

@Semi-Sly you're a barber, correct?


When I was getting ready to retire from all of my other careers I enrolled in Barber College and am now a licensed barber in both Florida and Illinois.

@Semi-Sly. That’s really inspirational! How long did I take you to go through barber school? Was it a barbers license or cosmetology? A lot states don’t offer a barbers license anymore.

PS I should add that a lot of the regular barbers I’ve used have shaved heads. Go figure.

No I went to a real barbers college not a cosmetology school.  It took me a couple of years because I did part time for the first year and in the second year I incurred two of three life-threatening illnesses which really slowed me down for a while.

Here in Illinois a cosmetologist is not allowed to shave with a razor but she is allowed to call her self a barber even when she is not and there’s absolutely no enforcement. To be legal a cosmetologist needs to go back to Barber School for $500 in order to become a certified barber in Illinois.

But all these franchise deals like Floyd’s 99 barbershop don’t have any barbers in them at all they’re just a bunch of beauticians!

@Semi-Sly I am sorry to hear about your illnesses. I hope you are doing better now and healthy. You just never know what someone is going through.

Thanks for sharing about your barber school experience. In my state and adjoining states, it’s cosmetology school.  😒


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