Author Topic: Is it thinning or just very fine hair ? Lots of different lightnings (36 yo)  (Read 1014 times)

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So here we are, asking for honesty.

I've taken many pictures because depending on the hours of the day or the lightning, I really don't see the same head of hair. Also, everyone I asked told me I am not balding, and maybe they just try to be nice. Strangers on the intrnet, on the other hand, don't owe me a thing lol

Some quick points :

  • Under normal circumstances, I don't look like I'm thinning.
    When I'm under spotlights, I can see my scalp. I don't know if it's normal or not. I mostly see it when I just had a very short haircut.
    I've tried to take a lot of pictures to show you how my hair is under different lightings. Those are mostly under spotlights but also normal pics not under spotlights so you can see the differences.
    When I try to spike it by putting gel, I see the scalp also because my hair is extremely straight (asian straight). Especially under light.
    My hair goes forward naturally, so when i brush it forward, it doesn't look like diffuse thinning
    I have like a double cowlick
    Those are all recent pics (last 6 months)
    My dad still has most of his hair at (72 years old)

Do you think I'm on the way out and thinning ? Maybe a buzzcut would be ok.

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Yes, you’re experiencing some thinning.

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Yes I see you Definitely thinning

But you still have a lot of hair do you still have a lot of options;
- Whatever you do take the side down to skin fade or bald fade. That way whatever hair you leave on top will look much thicker because that is where the color will be
- you have enough on top to come over but you’ll have to use product you’ll have to always be concerned about it not being held down with product or hairspray.  But it would be a lot easier to take care of if you buzz the top down to the number two or less it would disperse the visual appearance of the thinning and it would be a really easy cut to maintain
-  you can also look into scalp micro pigmentation which is what I did and it makes all of my profuse sitting here on top look very much thicker because all of the spaces in between the missing hairs are filled with tiny dots-
- or you can take charge of the situation and choose a new hairstyle - A clean shaven head!  It’ll look great on you and once you get used to it you’ll never go back just remember the 30 day rule

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Yeah, your hair is thinning!  The top of the head seems to get all confused but no need to worry at this point.  I wouldn't worry at any point.  I've known guys that had some thinning to a degree then the thinning just stopped so  no need to stress about it.

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Like the others have said, you are thinning. But you have some time. When you're ready, do the 30 day rule as @Semi-Sly mentioned. That basically means you shave your head for 30 days straight. Then you can see how you feel after that.
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I won't add much to what already what's been said.

Semi-sly has the barber advice 100%. Although not a huge fan of SMP, it can be horrible, if not done correctly. And I believe you need to shave your head to do it... so if you are going to shave your head, just do it.

I would keep the beard.

I mean do something if it bothers you. Looking at you, some thinning doesn't detract from your looks. I would do the least invasive first, change your haircut.


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