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Protect you scalp!!!!


My very good friend (MPB since his late teens) and full shaved now for decades (he is in his 60s), was just diagnosed with his 5th squamous cell carcinoma in the past 10 years, which will again require surgery.

He will be having surgery next month, and the prognosis is excellent, since he sees his Dermatologist twice a year.

This is serious, folks. COVER YOUR HEAD or at least wear sunscreen!

My father in law died from Melanoma, he was vain, didn't like doctors, and when he was diagnosed first with SCC, he did nothing, more popped up, this time not SCC, by the time he decided to do something about it, it spread... and it was too late. He also refused to wear a hat or sunscreen.

A couple of months ago I had a skin biopsy on a suspicious mole that was on my lower back(which never sees the sun.  Came back negative.  I use a moisterizer that has "spf30" on my head.  My other doctor told me to wear a hat.  I'm wondering if using a sunscreen would effect the tan or if my head will just turn white.  In the summer, I spend a lot of time outside in the sun.

To be honest SPF 30 is basically useless, you need something above 50.

Understand that tanning is your body's reaction to being harmed. It's not a "good thing".

I have had melanoma on my ear ,squamous on my neck , and basil cell on my leg. Spelling please excuse if incorrect.
I have worked outside all my life, so no surprise here. So far all were treated successfully, due to early intervention. I now use a wide brim hat , personally can’t stand that greasy lotion on my face or head. Any sun I get on my head is before 10 am . Top of your head is the most likely place to get sun damage, and sun block lotion is not as protective as a good hat. My head is not white because I get some sun in the early hours. Anything new on my skin I see my dermatologist. My take ,wear a wide brim hat.


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