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Changing things up again

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Well after three years of keeping the shaved had I decided to give the high tight and brutal horse shoe flat top one more try especially now that the scout micro pigmentation is underneath it and might make my hair look a little fuller.

What guess what horror of horrors the only guy who can cut my Flattop the way I like it cut told me today that he’s moving away like the tens of thousands of other people this year he’s playing Illinois and he’s moving to Indianapolis Indiana so now what shall I do?

Also decided to lower and fade the friendly muttonchops beard

Also decided that since I’m getting so old I better finish the tattoos before I die so when ahead and finish the arm sleeves and now we started on the front torso what do you think?

@Semi-Sly , the flattop looks pretty good! And the dark color makes it look fuller too. Good luck with your search for a new barber.

It sucks when people quit or move away.  Two of my doctors quit, one of them got cancer but is still practicing.  My dentist retired.  My hairdresser...well...is out of a job because I cut my own hair to the skin.  Well, good luck!

The new style looks great on you @Semi-Sly !

Looks good , mean really. Over all impression , look like a guy I would not like to meet in a dark alley. lol  >:D


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