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I think there are some guys that secretly want to be bald. A guy I know, A neighbor of a good friend, always comments about my shaved head. He wears a grey pony tail about halfway down his back. I see him a couple times a year, and he always asks about my haircut.

I ran into him yesterday going into a grocery store. He mentioned that barbers aren't making any money from either of us. I told him I haven't needed a barber for over 10 years! Then as usual he compliments how good my shaved head looks. It always makes me think he would like to try going sly.

I was a bald wannabe for a long time before I first shaved my head.  After shaving the first time I let it grow back after a few days.  I went back and forth several times before I decided to stay bald over two years ago.  I’m have a good shaving routine and I’m happy with my look.  Believe it or not, I’ve heard more women make comments about shaving their heads than men.  Of course, it was in a joking way, and you never see any bald women. 

I was there once myself.  Not with the pony tail, but with a full head of hair.  I had always said I would shave at the first sign of thinning, but then that was not happening soon enough for me.  I really just want to shave it, but needed the excuse of thinning.  Once when leaving town on a two week vacation I did it.  My wife was totally surprised and shocked.  She was most disappointed because I was going to "ruin" all that vacation photos. That was a one time shave, and was probably 5 to 10 years before I actually starting shaving full time.

Before I shaved for the first time, I was thinking of getting a buzzcut. As I said, two of my neighbors had shaved heads, and I started wondering how it would feel. So I decided to surprise my gf, and I got up before her and got the  out. I started with a 1/4" attachment and went to work. I didn't like it, with the white hair it looked like a Qtip. So I went with a #2, better but still didn't like it, so I tried a 0000 blade. Of course it was just subtle by then, so I got in the shower and razor ed it smooth!

So, my gal was shocked, and not very happy. By the end of the day we discussed it, and when I asked her what she thought, she said I think you should keep it that way! That was the beginning of shaved head journey, 9 years ago.

Razor X:
I think a lot of guys are curious about shaving their heads, but most are afraid to try.


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