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Got both sleeves finished

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Well I finally got both of my sleeves finished. 

Both upper sleeves are in color and the lower sleeves are in black and gray.

My right sleeve is all about my career in the military and about surviving a near death experience

My left sleeve is all about my career of the law in law-enforcement, |(with an homage  on the inside of the sleeve to my career as a barber).

All that is left to do is my entire front torso.  I don't Know what I should do and I’m afraid of what it would cost.

we need pictures @Semi-Sly

Yes, photos would be nice.  I was just wondering if you had made any tattoo progress.

I will try but I am not much good at taking photos of myself

I will try to post some photos here

My right sleeve is mostly all about my career in the Navy.  The top half is a Naval Officer's crest and the ribbons list many of the countries I served in.  The lower half is all about having been rescued from death. the outside is St Michael as the Angel of the Resurrection (Howard Wilcox' sculpture) swooping down from the heavens nd rescuing  a fallen warrior from the flames of battle.  The inside is the hand of a drowning sailor reaching up from the sea and being grabbed by the hand of a higher power.  The Banner on the outer edge of the arm reads; "survival is the best revenge" - because I often get very depressed about how the injuries that were done to me have resulted in me living with a progressive and painful disability.

The left sleeve is mostly all about my career in the Law and Law enforcement, (except the inside of upper arm is an homage to my career as  barber). Gong down the sleeve you see the scales of justice holding my diplomas from Law School (JD) and my terminal degree in law (LLM); followed by the actual badge I wore as a patrolman; and the the lower half is a depiction of St. Michael as the patron Saint of Police officers smiting the evil doer and preventing him from climbing up the stairway into heaven.


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