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Girls who like men bald

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So being now maybe not slybald but no clipper bald, I have gotten myself a girlfriend who prefers me bald, as opposed to my long hair. Do not give up if you think that no girl will like you without your hair ;)

Barbero Pelón:
  Most women would prefer a man with hair,but others are really into shaved heads.

 Full head of hair> shaved head > balding

Some women like it, some hate it, most don't really care.

The first time I shaved bald, I got up before my Sig other, and shaved off my full head of hair. Yup, she was mad and in shock. By that afternoon, she actually said she loved it and wanted me to keep it shaved. After a few months, I think she wanted me to grow my hair back, but she always said I should wear it however I liked it.

My wife prefers me with hair, but she always says for me to keep it like I like it. That’s a good thing.

I think most ladies would like their man to have hair - nice hair, that is.  Most like shaved over a mostly bald guy.


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