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I've been coming here over the past 4 years and doesn't seem to be much action going on here although I did get a few good tips along the way.  I'd like to see more action going on here so how about everyone popping in and saying hi to this lonely old man if only to keep me sane!  I really miss you guys so I'm letting you know you're not alone in this so lets get this thing going!.

Nice to see you here. I'm new here and come for advice on shaving, skin care, laser, etc. I too would like to see more activity. Let's hope it builds up. How is the winter treating you? I hope you're in a warmer place than me (Canada).

Hello to everyone!   Iíve noticed to that this forum gets quiet for a few days or weeks, then has a burst of activity, only to get quiet again.  I hope we can get things rolling again soon. 

Well, I'm one of the few guys that consistently tries to post here. I hope you're not getting tired of my opinions!

Yes, things have slowed down here compared to a few years ago. After 8 years of being bald by choice, I still look forward to my morning headshave. I'm definitely addicted to that baby butt smooth feel.

Welcome Josh! I'm not in Canada, but close by in Minnesota. One thing we know for sure, wearing a shaved head in the winter is damn cold. I keep several hats available, but always remove them when I enter a building. I just have to show off my smooth shiny head!

I hope all of you are safe and well. I can't wait for spring. Anyone else here a classic car owner? My current hotrod is a 65 El  Camino.

Thatís a nice ride!   Iíd like to get a C3 Corvette someday.  Weíre expecting a low of 21 tomorrow night in Georgia.  We donít know what cold is down here!


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