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Freezing cold in the northeast

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It’s been in the teens and low 20s here in NJ. Winter is finally here  >:( and I’m having to wear a winter knit hat out to keep my head warm. Putting it on is a bit like Velcro in the morning walking the dogs. But all is good after a shower and shave.

I got a new newsboy cap a couple weeks ago. So I have a new option to keep my head warm. It’s kinda funny walking up to the register with a bald head buying a hat. I felt a bit sheepish.  :/O So I handed it to my partner at the last second and said jokingly “cashiers always make fun of bald guys buying a hat”. He just looked at me like “for real”. So I got an extra Christmas gift and I bought him lunch. I really just wanted to take advantage of his Kohls discount.
Any funny hat stories?

Cold is right, been -20 degrees in Minnesota! Knit hats won't stay on my head if I just shaved, so when it snows over night I don't shave until after snow blowing.

I have discovered a simple pleasure when it's really cold. I usually take showers, but sometimes I'll skip a day shaving and next day take a long hot bath. Super hot water and I use my double edge safety razor to shave while soaking in the tub. At some point, I drain some water and add more hot water. Very relaxing and a super smooth bald head!

Nothing like a hot bath on a cold winters day. I don’t take advantage of that enough. I’ve never shaved while in the tub. I may have to try that!

I just wear my toke outside.  I can't take a bath anymore because I can't get out of the tub without help so showers will have to do for now.  I've been shaving with my electric this winter.  In the warmer months, I use my razor.  My scalp seems to be softer in the winter and nicks pretty easily.  My doctor goes mental if I get a nick on my head.  He doesn't seem to care if I get a nick on my face though.  I never get nicks in the summer months for some reason.

Laser Man:
For those who have to deal with cold winters, splurge and by an alpaca cap. Alpaca is super soft, itch-free, and much denser than wool, so it keeps your head very warm.  Because it denser than wool, it's more wind resistant.  Better yet, it's very light.  My wife gave me one as a Christmas gift a couple years ago and I couldn't make it through the winter without it.


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