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How Much Hair to Let Grow?

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How many of you don't shave your head every day?  And if you don't, how much stubble thickness is good to leave?  After I shaved mine I let it go to the two day mark and I'm trying to decide how much would look ok.  At this point, actually the hair on my formerly thick areas seems to match the hair length on the balding thin parts so when I run my hand all over my head it actually all feels even.  I can barely see where the top part is thinner.  At first I thought that the stubble is kind of a good look but at what point does it become not good?  Also, how do you keep stubble at the same level?  My clipper is not that great, it only has a #1 guard and then no guard.  But I think not using a guard at all would irritate the skin.  My electric razor is the 3 floating head type and there was zero irritation.

It sounds like you're just in the experimental stage. Everyone develops their own shaving routine, and that's part of the fun of wearing a baldie style.

I'm a daily headshaver, but over the last 8 years, I've tried many different routines. I have grey hair too, and I don't like any visible stubble. It sounds like you're using an electric shaver, so it won't work well after about 2 days growth.

Once you get used to wearing a bald head, I would suggest trying a razor wet shave. There is nothing like the feel of a freshly shaved smooth head. The guys here suggest keeping your head shaved for 30 days to get used to it. Again, welcome to the bald Brotherhood.

I started as a daily shaver, and did so for about 5 years.  I loved it, and loved the smooth feel of a fresh shave.  Now I have relaxed a bit and typically shave ever other day.  Since the hair I have remaining is mostly white, I have no shadow and the one day stubble does not really show.  So it is only the feel that is difference.  Some guys just buzz weekly and do not mind the stubble growing back a bit.  So it is really what you are comfortable with and how often you want to shave or buzz it.

I shave my head daily. I have had laser hair removal and I have a couple stubborn spots in the back that are so far refusing to die off. I’m hopeful additional treatments will get them, but since those are the only spots on my head where visible hair grows, I need to keep it shaved daily.

I shave daily. Though I might skip a day mid week because the morning got a little crazy and I was running behind. But I love a smooth dome. I hate the sandpaper feel so my preference is to shave every morning. And my hair is silver and I really don’t like a silvery stubble.

I think shaving everyday is a liitle less work. The razor glides more easily so not as many passes as skipping a few days.


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