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What made you STAY bald?

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We posted alot of what made you go bald, so what made you decide to keep shaving your head?

When I first shaved my head, it,was intended to be only one time to see what it was like. By the end of the first day, my (then) honey told me she loved my bald head and thought I should keep it! After a couple days, I posted a photo on Facebook, and got nearly all positive comments. So I kept it shaved for a few months. Then I got tired of shaving, and attempted to grow my hair back several times. After a week or two, I would miss the smooth shaved head, and shave it all again!

That was eight years ago, and I only try growing it back once or twice a year. I think I made it 7 or 8 weeks one time. So, why do I always go back to bald? Well, I don't like how I look with the short white hair. I think it makes me look older. I also miss the daily shaving routine, and a super smooth head. The hardest think is seeing other guys with a sharp looking shaved head, I get what I refer to as bald envy. I only feel well groomed with a sly head. What's your story?

1.  I like the look and feel .
2.  I find it the easiest way to maintain some form of hair cut . Every one two or three days ,depending on time of year. Much easier than a buzz cut every two or three weeks. Clean up after a buzz cut is time consuming.
3.  I use the Dollar Tree 5 for a buck disposable razors 10 shaves a razor . My cost next to nothing.
4.  Shave my head in ten minutes  before a shower , very little time needed to shave.
5.  In winter I use the Skull Shaver it takes all of three minutes.

It keeps me looking neat and clean.  Besides that, it's fun to shave!  Everybody seems to like my look and I don't have to worry about bad haircuts or getting debris in my hair anymore. 

I was always intrigued by the shave head look.  The smooth feel and the look in the mirror motivate me to keep it that way.

Some people say I look more intimidating with a shaved head and beard, and I kind of like that as well.

I shaved my head for the first time about five years ago, staying bald off and on for the next three years.  I’ve pretty much kept myself bald for the past two years.   Whenever I’d let my hair grow back, I would constantly want to shave it again.   I guess it’s an OCD thing.  I like the feel of a freshly shaven head and the look as well.  I’m committed to staying bald for life.


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