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Chip Gaines

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Razor X:

Awesome!  Great cause, and he actually did shave it.  Most guys that "shave" for charity actually only go as far as a close buzz.

It looks great too! He really pulls of the bald head.

Laser Man:
He did it for a great cause.  Wonder if he'll stick with it?

First time I shaved, it was to raise money for St. Baldrick's.  I issued the challenge to friends, family and co-workers that I would stay shaved one day for every $30 they contributed.  I ended up staying bald for a year.  The rest is history.  I have been sly for over ten years and wouldn't have it any other way!

My first assumption when a guy shaves his head for charity, he secretly wants to try a shaved head and the charity is a great excuse.  You raise some money for a good cause, get to give it a try, and everyone supports you in doing it.  No risk, great reward.


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