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I’ve started shaving my head 15 yrs ago, and I’ve tried every type of facial hair with the exception of a longer beard. I’ve liked all styles. I think i look best with a short beard (about #1 blade length) and it’s the easiest to take care of. I’ve gone back to sporting a goatee for now. My intent was to do a braid but i had to trim the length as it wasn’t growing in very even. I really like a bald head with a chevron mustache, but  I gotta muster up the courage to do it and stay with it though.

I created the poll to see what you guys like as your favorite look.

I really can't grow a beard anymore and when I try, it just looks sparse so I keep it clean shaven.

No surprise my favorite is a long full beard.  But, IMO, a shaved head looks best with at least "some" facial hair. I am well aware of the facial hair challenges many guys have, and a full beard is not possible for all.   But even if a guy cannot grow any facial hair, I still think a shaved head looks better than a thinning/balding head. I myself was not capable of growing a full beard until sometime in my 40's.  Prior to that, my cheeks were very weak and patchy.  Fortunately, my facial hair thickened up enough for a full beard about the same time my head hair started thinning.

BTW, I also prefer facial hair for guys that still have a full head of hair.

I had a goatee for many years, but recently grew the sides in. The sides are trimmed to a slight point near the ears, and sideburns  trimmed down to the ear lobe. I definitely like this look.

I can’t really grow a beard, so I clean shave my face in addition to my head. I could try a goatee I guess, but even that isn’t great


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