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Winter is coming

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Since going bbc over the summer, I kept telling myself I would grow out my hair for the winter. So, I started to let it grow out, but couldn't last a few until I had to shave it back smooth. Have any of you guys found this dilemma? I find it really interesting that I now prefer being bald than having hair.

Oh yeah, I try to warn newbies about that! Yes, wearing a shaved head is definitely addictive. Over the years, I've tried to grow my hair back countless times. I usually make it a few weeks, then I can't stand it and shave it.

While I don't like how I look with white hair, I think I miss the feel of a totally smooth head more. Or I'll see a few guys with shaved heads, and I get bald head envy. So, us cold weather guys just have to get out the winter hats and enjoy keeping it smooth!

Iíve grown out my hair the past couple of winters after shaving my head.  I stopped shaving in September.  I couldnít resist the urge to be bald, so I shaved again a little over a week ago.  The winters in Georgia arenít that bad.  As a matter of fact, the cold air feels good on my bare scalp!

I also was getting a little bald envy lol. My family has asked me what I plan to do, but I don't think I can go back to hair yet. This might mean I'm hooked, and I'll be sly for the foreseeable future. I also agree that the cool air is quit refreshing!

Yes, runningman, sounds like you're hooked! Luckily, I'm at the age where I do what I want, dress like I want, and wear the hairstyle I want. I would like to have hair in the winter for warmth, but it's got to be smooth every day.


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